Brochu Hypnosis Center
Brochu Hypnosis Center
  • Our Services

    Hypnosis can be your key to success!

    We can help you with the following and more: 

    Stop Smoking                                                      Stress Reduction
    Weight Loss                                                         Relationships
    Anxiety                                                                 Alcohol Abuse
    Remove Fears                                                     Childbirth
    Remove Habits                                                   Stage Fright
    Drug Abuse                                                         Pain Management
    Motivation                                                           Sexual Issues
    Public Speaking                                                  Self Esteem
    Anger Issues                                                       Self Confidence
    Abuse Issues                                                      Shyness
    Concentration                                                    Improve Mood
    Test Anxiety                                                        Children's Issues
    Procrastination                                                  Forensic Hypnosis
    Improve Sports Performance                          Increase Appetite
    Regression                                                          Pain Management

    Skype Sessions:

    When travel to our office is not possible, we can still  help you reach your goals with a Skype Hypnosis session. The only thing  you will need is a sound internet connection and a set of headphones. We  have found Skype sessions to be very effective.

    Our Skype address is BrochuHypnosisCenter. We will answer your call if we are available or you can leave us a message with available contact times and we will Skype you back. 

    Concierge Hypnosis:

    If the demands of life are great while  you have a compelling need to reach your goal, you may be a candidate  for our results-oriented Concierge Hypnosis program. We can work in our  office, or if time is the critical issue, we can travel to you.  

    Concierge service is a one-on-one intensive program. The program is  designed initiate the change that will allow you to be successful. Fees  and expenses are on a case-by-case basis.